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I'm a mom of 4 carving out my creative niche in a sunny little corner of the OC.


My head is always buzzing with ideas and I soak up inspiration from absolutely everywhere. I believe that creativity is a muscle that must be exercised regularly, and I am constantly jockeying for that balance between being wondermom and finding time for daily creative expression. I am chronically busy and my house is a mess, but I strive to be present and aware in my life, and to keep my focus on the fun. I believe that scrapbooking helps me do that. I only wish it also helped keep my kitchen floor from being sticky.

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theatre, shopping, fashion, clever packaging, reading, sewing, crafts, i love scrapbooking, and color, and i have a mild addiction to handbags and iced green tea with turbinado sugar. i am a sucker for great color combos, fun containers, and stationery products of pretty much any kind.